Yard Waste Policy

Yard Waste Policy

|| July 30, 2014

1. The City will only pick up limbs and branches brought down by storm damage. All storm damage must be out at the curb within 3 days of the storm. No other items will be picked up.

2.    The City will continue to provide leaf pickup in the fall.

3.    Several other ways that residents can dispose of their yard waste are:

             a.     The Butler Yard Waste Disposal Site (BYWDS)

                            i.     City Residents may come to the Utility Office at 201 South Broadway between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm, Monday thru Friday, to complete a form to determine if the waste meets the requirements.  The resident will be given a key to the BYWDS is the requirements are met.  The resident can then drop off their yard waste in the area marked.  The City Superintendent will check the BYWDS to determine that the waste met the requirements.

                            ii.     The following items are accepted:

                                            1.    Bushes
                                            2.    Tree trimmings
                                            3.    Trees
                                            4.    Stumps
                                            5.    Garden waste
                                            6.    Grass clippings that are NOT bagged

                             iii.     No items other than those listed in a(ii) will be accepted.

               b.    DeKalb County Yard Waste Disposal Site

                             i.     This is operated by the Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District and is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 7 pm and Saturdays 8 am to 3 pm.  It is located at 2318 County Road 36A, Auburn. Maps are available upon request.

                            ii.     They accept yard waste including brush, tree limbs and clippings.

                            iii.     For questions concerning this disposal site, please contact the Solid Waste District at 800-777-5462.  They also have a website, www.niswmd.org with more information.

4.    If items other than storm damage are placed at the curb, the resident may be in violation of the City Nuisance Ordinance and may be subject to fines specified in the Nuisance Ordinance.

For any questions contact the City Utility Office at:
Phone:          260-868-5200
E-mail:          water@butler.in.us           
Fax:              260-868-5882

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