Butler Zoning Map Now Online

Butler Zoning Map Now Online

|| March 15, 2013

The City of Butler, Indiana zoning map is now online. The map is divided into fifteen panels, each with its own link. You can use the map index to locate the street and block for the property for which you want to check for zoning status.

NOTE: An aerial of the City of Butler "Extraterritorial Jurisdiction" is available here.

Each map segment is in PDF format. You can click the pop-up "plus" sign at the bottom of the page to zoom in on the address that you want to check.

Adjoining maps to the north, east, west and south can be accessed by clicking the appropriate link at the top, bottom and sides of each map panel.

Quick summaries of each Butler zoning classification can be found by clicking on the zoning abbreviations in the right column of each map panel. The summaries include the definition and intent of each district, plus the permitted and special exception uses for each district.

Links for the full chapters covering zoning districts within the Butler Zoning Ordinance, listing the setbacks, lot coverages and other important information are available at the top of each zoning district summary.

For more information regarding Butler's zoning requirements, please contact the Butler City Planner at 260-868-5200, or planner@butler.in.us.

Thank you for your interest in the City of Butler, Indiana.

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