Public Notices

Beginning August 27th and continuing for the next several weeks the City of Butler will be conducting street improvements for 2015.  Please use caution when entering any of these areas and obey all traffic signs.  Street Improvement locations are included in the map, below:

In accordance with City Ordinance 94.18, Section 5, ALL lot decorations will be removed by the sexton of the cemetery March 16-24, 2015.

City of Butler, Indiana Title VI Policy

jotis || August 18, 2014

Policy Adopted August 18, 2014.

Download the American's with Disabilities Act Transition Plan for Public Rights-of-Way & Public Facilities.

Yard Waste Policy

jotis || July 30, 2014

1. The City will only pick up limbs and branches brought down by storm damage. All storm damage must be out at the curb within 3 days of the storm. No other items will be picked up.

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