To obtain water service in an existing home or structure, you are required to provide a completed and signed Water and Sanitation Service Application, a copy of a driver's license or photo ID, and a $100 deposit. Service will only be provided to the property owner of record of said real estate. Applications are to be completed, in person, at the City Utility Office, 215 South Broadway.

Any applications not signed and witnessed in the Utility office must be notarized to verify the authenticity of the applicant(s)'s signature. If a notarized application is submitted by fax, the original notarized application must be filed with the Utility office within 10 business days of the receipt of the faxed application.

In a newly constructed home or building, a Tap-in and Capacity Fee Application must be completed before the City will connect the new building to the City's system. In most cases, a Tap-in and Capacity Fee will be assessed.

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